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Video: This Switch OLED Teardown Shows Just How Thin The New Screen Is

Get a look at those upgraded speakers, too.

As is customary these days, no sooner has the internet got its mitts on a new console than people are merrily tearing it apart to analyse its innards! A recent teardown of the new Switch dock was shown various forms of future-proofing, but now the experts over at Ifixit have taken the Switch OLED itself apart and compared it to the standard model in comprehensive fashion.

As revealed once they popped the console apart, the Switch OLED model features different cooling and a new circuit board, and the fan and heatsinks have been reduced in size — the Ifixit team believes this is to accommodate the larger, sturdier kickstand hinge in the updated console. The rails used to secure the Joy-Con controllers to the console have also been upgraded, although the Joy-Con themselves are the same.

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