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Valkyrie Connect tier list – Best PVE and PVP characters

If you are eager to check out a complete Valkyrie Connect tier list of all the best characters, then you’re in the right place. Today we are going to delve into it, and list all heroes based on their strengths, so you will always know which ones to prioritise upgrading. 

In Valkyrie Connect there are hundreds of characters, and if you really want to min-max all the content, then you will need to adapt your picks based on the type of enemy (or enemies) you are facing. It would be impossible to offer a list that is valid for all players since chances are no two players have the exact same heroes at their disposal. Therefore, take this information with a grain of salt and don’t despair if you don’t have the top characters sitting at S+ tier. You can always use the characters that match your requirements and are next in line, they will do just fine.  … [MORE]



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