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Turmoil, a tycoon sim that turns you into an oil baron launches on Android and iOS

LT Games has announced the launch of their new casual oil drilling tycoon sim Turmoil on iOS and Android. Based on the 19th century North American oil rush, Turmoil sees players become an oil entrepreneur and mayor where they’ll build their empire from the ground up while also facing off against rivals and other obstacles.

Your journey to becoming an oil baron begins with purchasing an oil-laden piece of land at the town auction. Then, you bring all the dowsers, moles, and scans and uncover all the oil. Bringing it up to the surface will require a smart and well-placed network of pipes which will be transported by wagons and stored in silos. All that’s left is to sell it. Now, you could wait for the perfect selling price or raise the price yourself by using natural gas. … [MORE]



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