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The groups for the PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021 have been drawn and the tournament is set to kick off next week

The League Stages for the PUBG MOBILE Global Championship 2021 are officially set to kick off as the teams have been drawn. The tournament begins next week on November 30th and promises to be an absolute cracker of a contest in the PUBG Mobile esports calendar. The top 40 teams were selected and randomly divided into groups of five. They were then divided into the PMGC West and PMGC East divisions. You can check the divisions and groups below.

Each division will compete within their respective groups for three weeks until December 22nd. The PMGC League will host matches on Tuesday and Wednesday, and on weekends, called the Super Weekends, the top 16 teams will battle it out to earn Championship Points. There will be three Super Weekends which will lead into the PMGC East and PMGC West finals. Qualification will be based purely on the number of Championship Points won. The finals will take place between December 22nd and 24th, with six matches taking place every day. … [MORE]



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