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The Division 2 getting first new season in almost two years

After, let’s be honest, a pretty long wait, Ubisoft has announced that The Division 2 will be getting a brand-new season.

The launch of season nine, which is known as Hidden Alliance will go live on 12th May and will add a new big bad to the game: Captain Lewis. As well as this hulking brute, there will also be four new mini bosses for players to square up against, or Lewis’ “True sons” as Ubisoft calls them.

This update will also introduce a new eight-player co-op mode called Countdown. As the name suggests, here players making up two teams will be given a 15-minute countdown to stabilize a power plant before it’s locked down for good. The teams will be starting in different locations on the map and must work together to be victorious on their mission (so, you know, no pressure). You can check out the full season reveal below.

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