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The Arena of Valor x Demon Slayer crossover goes live soon with lots of themed events and rewards

Arena of Valor’s 5v5 Fest has been going on in full swing with multiple events, challenges, and rewards for everyone. To take the celebrations a level higher, the MOBA is also collaborating with Demon Slayer: Kimestsu no Yaiba. This new crossover will feature exclusive skins from the famous show, more activities, and rewards for fans to collect.

Here’s a little about the show for those who don’t know. Demon Slayer: Kimestsu no Yaiba is a serial adaptation of the magna of the same name, a work of Koyoharu Gotoge. It has been running for three years and explores the life of Tanjiro, who’s been through hell. He saw his family get massacred by demons and his own sister turned into one. This trauma sent Tanjiro down a path to become a demon slayer himself to rescue his younger sister and lay waste to his parents’ killers. A tale filled with tragedy, determination, fighting, and some comedy, Demon Slayer was received with open arms and has become a cultural phenomenon. … [MORE]



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