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Teppen’s latest threat brings hordes of demons to Amatsu no Kuni in the Genma Onslaught event

It’s been some time since Teppen’s latest event, titled Genma Onslaught, first launched – but it’s expanding further with a new quest. Genma Onslaught deals with a battle taking place in Amatsu no Kuni where hordes of demons are attacking everything in their sight. A team of powerful heroes must assemble to put an end to this threat and it was only possible by calling upon strong fighters from different universes. As a result, iconic characters from various games like Onimusha, Monster Hunter Rise, Breath of Fire, Street Fighter, and the Mega Man series come together in Teppen to save the world once again.

The battle against the Goddess Myria was fought long and hard but that was in no way the end of the perils that are still to come to Amatsu no Kuni. This new threat consists of demons called Genma, that stay in the shadows and attack on full moons. After Myria’s defeat, no one was left to watch over Inabayama Castle, leaving the Gates of Hell open. As a result, Fortinbras, the Genma King was freed and he went on to capture the Kamura village to convert its resident ninjas into Genma soldiers. … [MORE]



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