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Storylines: Passion and Fashion is a simulator aimed at Gen Z females and Millenials, coming in 2022

Birdstack, an in-game advertising and monetisation software company, has announced a partnership with the interactive narrative game Storylines: Passion and Fashion. The collaboration will culminate with the game releasing in Spring 2022, being developed by the Toronto based studio Tangent Interactive.

Storylines: Passion and Fashion is a real-time 3D interactive sim created for iOS and Android. It delves into episodic stories that are regularly updated. The choice-based system gives players freedom to mould every character’s story. This kind of a genre attracts a diverse player base of Gen Z females and Millennial gamers. The game’s virtual world can be filled with products, apparel, brands, and other services allowing them to reach their target audience as the story unfolds. … [MORE]



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