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Review: Gang Beasts – An Adorably Janky Brawler Arrives Late To The Switch Party

Boneless brawler.

In the Party Game Hall of Fame, Gang Beasts is one of the OG big dogs, alongside Nidhogg, Jackbox, and Overcooked. Gang Beasts is a chaotic, wonky physics brawler that relies on the utter incomp-itude of its players to create mirth and merriment, and much like a massive chocolate cake or a puppy, it’s always been a huge success whenever we’ve pulled it out at parties.

It’s strange, then, that it’s taken such a long time to come to the Nintendo Switch. It was out in Early Access for years, beginning in 2014, and chances are that if you’ve played it, it may well have been that EA version. Four years after its official release on PC, Xbox One, and PS4, it’s finally reached the Switch — which we’d argue is the home of party games. (Of course we’d say that, though.)

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