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Metroid Dread’s UK Sales Momentum Points To A Big Moment For The Series

Has already outsold Metroid: Samus Returns.

Though it’ll take a number of weeks for sales figures to come through globally, it would seem that Metroid Dread has started strongly, driven by an extensive marketing campaign from Nintendo and a lot of positive word-of-mouth online. UK sales have been some of the first to come through, and though it failed to get past multi-platform titles Far Cry 6 and FIFA 22, Dread’s launch weekend more than likely made it the IP’s best opening in the country when factoring in eShop downloads (at the time of writing it’s number one in the UK and US eShop chart).

The series hasn’t historically been one of Nintendo’s most successful, with its influence and cultural impact outweighing actual sales, but perhaps Dread can turn that around thanks to a combination of its quality and arriving on the hugely popular Switch. Yet the sales data and where Metroid games ‘stand’ in the bigger picture is interesting, and a new report from (focused on the UK market) is a fascinating read from that perspective.

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