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Metroid Dread – a brilliant game that breathes new life into Switch

It’s finally here. After multiple cancelled attempts over the years, Metroid Dread is finally here. Nintendo’s collaboration with Spanish developer Mercury Steam pays off beautifully for Switch – this is the first entirely new side-scrolling series entry since 2002’s Metroid Fusion and this is a true return to form for the franchise, breathing new life into the ageing Switch hardware thanks to a pristine presentation. Not only that, but the style of its aesthetic also makes it a brilliant showcase for the new Switch OLED model too.

By this point, the history of side-scrolling Metroid games has been told time and time again – but what makes this entry interesting is the way in which it was developed. Like Metroid Prime, Dread represents a fusion of eastern and western influences to create something that feels supremely polished: Nintendo brings its incredible production values to the party, while Mercury Steam’s signature technical excellence shines through. Together, it’s a brilliant match and a much better result than the prior collaboration between the two parties – the patchy Metroid: Samus Returns for Nintendo 3DS.

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