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Marvel Contest of Champions is giving away Doctor Strange for free as his battle against the multiverse begins

The madness in the multiverse is not only limited to the MCU but also extends to the mobile RPG Marvel Contest of Champions. We saw the addition of some of Doctor Strange’s allies like Spider-Man and America Chavez some time ago. Last week, we learned about Wong and Rintrah, right from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ frames. Now that all his buddies are here, it’s time to introduce the Master of the Mystic Arts and ex-Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange himself.

He may have given up on the title of the Earth’s main protector but he’s still probably the greatest wizard to live. And now, he has found his way to Marvel Contest of Champions as it too faces a multiversal threat that only Strange might be able to solve. A beastly figure that calls itself Symbiote Supreme, a chimaera between Doctor Strange and a symbiote threatens the Battlerealm. His insane strength forces Stephen to call upon his allies – America Chavez, Wong, and Spider-Man for help. … [MORE]



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