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Margonem 2 is a mix of a dungeon crawler and deckbuilder, coming to iOS and Android soon

Margonem 2 is an upcoming title from an indie studio called Garmony from Poland, aimed at players looking for a mixture of adventure and thrill. It allows them to explore dungeons, fight monsters and find invaluable treasures at the same time. Margonem 2 is also a mix of numerous genres like role-playing, dungeon crawling, deckbuilding, and rogue-like action. This means it has a little something for everyone.

You play as The Hero of the story who travels through dungeons in search of precious treasures. The aforementioned treasures are guarded by numerous monsters and trolls who are going to put up a huge fight. That’s where the cards come in. You must craft powerful cards and gear in order to defeat the evil residents of these dungeons. … [MORE]



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