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Left 4 Dead almost didn’t have zombies

When you think of Left 4 Dead, in general the image of a zombie comes to mind. However, if Gabe Newell had his way, this may not be the case, as the Valve president initially felt zombies were a bit cliché and “cheesy”.

Former Valve writer Chet Faliszek chatted about his time at the company with YouTube channel Kiwi Talkz (via VG247). Here, the writer revealed during the development of Left 4 Dead he, “went to dinner with Gabe and [Newell] was like ‘if you look at zombie movies, Night Of The Living Dead is about racism, Dawn Of The Dead is about consumerism'”.

When the Newell then asked Faliszek to explain “what his game was about”, the writer replied: “well it’s about working together, it’s the game itself, it’s a reflection of the game.”

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