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Hot Lap League provides a premium racing experience on mobile with its breathtaking graphics and fidelity

Ultimate Studio, a studio backed by Supercell has launched its first mobile racing game, Hot Lap League worldwide. Consisting of ex-EA veterans, the developers over at Ultimate Studios have worked on other games like Real Racing and Need for Speed. Hot Lap League promises to be a cracker of a game with its console-like graphics, crazy speed, and adrenaline-pumping races. The game launched last month and has been well received with users constantly pushing for another go thanks to the variety of gameplay options available.

Hot Lap League launches with an insane number of tracks to race in. There are more than 150 unique racetracks available right off the bat, with each one requiring distinctive skills to master the course. The cars in this game cannot be upgraded so the only way is to “git gud”. Improving handling while driving, driving crazy fast, and making those sweet drifts is the way to go. Owning the streets of Hot Lap League won’t be an easy task so make sure you hit that nitrous button and boost ahead. … [MORE]



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