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Honor 50 review – “Great for social media fans, and a strong show from Honor”

Everybody has a phone now, in fact, quite a few of us have multiple phones. Over the years the market has fluctuated and shifted, but we’re at a point where a lot of the big phone manufacturers out there are brands that we’ve known of for years. Honor, and their Honor 50, enters the market in the strangest of ways though – it’s a brand we know, but the manufacturer used to be a label, a sub-company, while it now stands independent of its former Huawei parent company.

So, the Honor 50 is, in some ways, a debut device; A courageous foray into the European market and at an affordable, mid-range price point too. But, on the other hand, this is a company that has marketed plenty of other phones and devices over the years; So there’s an expectation there for them to not only step forward from the issues (be that diplomatic, or technical) that they had in the past, but also to push forward technologically. … [MORE]



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