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Halo Infinite tech preview: a promising campaign with tech issues to address

Halo Infinite’s impressive multiplayer component is now available and based on what we’ve played in prior test flights, it’s highly impressive. However, it’s the campaigns that we really love to play and in the wake of last year’s controversial gameplay trailer, 343 Industries chose to delay and rework the campaign significantly, re-revealing the single-player component only a couple of weeks back. Despite clear visual improvements, it didn’t answer the key question: do we really need an open world Halo? Can a series defined by skilfully crafted combat encounters work in a sandbox format? After going hands-on with preview code, we’re optimistic – but there’s still significant work to do in polishing the game to perfection.

Let’s quickly discuss what we can talk about in this preview phase. Essentially this boils down to the first four missions of the game, two of which introduce the new campaign and take place indoors, so yes, right away we can confirm that ‘classic’ Halo levels are present in the new game. We can also share our thoughts on a further two missions, both of which take place in the new Zeta Halo open world. Halo Infinite launches on all current and last-gen Xbox consoles and PC, but the code we had runs only on Xbox Series consoles. We’ll be looking at all versions in a much more granular fashion closer to launch.

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