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God of War on PC is a simply sensational port

Another huge PlayStation exclusive has found its way over to PC – and the results are spectacular. Sony Santa Monica has collaborated with partner studio Jetpack to produce a superb port for God of War that genuinely elevates the original experience across the board, improving graphical quality, boosting image quality and leaning into worthwhile PC-exclusive technologies such as Nvidia DLSS. Performance is generally excellent too and there’s support for both ultrawide monitors and high refresh rate displays.

There’s much to discuss here, so where to begin? My first contact with a PC game usually starts with the user interface and God of War holds up well here. The menus are simple, easily navigable, not overly nested, and work well with both mouse/keyboard and a controller. Various aspect ratios such as 16:10 and 21:9 are supported out of the box and the visual options are numerous and genuinely meaningful. Perhaps surprisingly, the game is running under DX11 and as far as I can tell, it does not have an extended shader compilation step and in-game stutter is kept to a minimum. The only notable omission is a field of view slider – which would have been tricky to implement due to the ever-moving camera in the game. However, that constant camera movement itself has an option to reduce its severity, which is welcome.

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