Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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Get 57% off on this massive 400GB Micro SD card for your Nintendo Switch

If you’ve got a Nintendo Switch, you’ll know how important it is to have a big and roomy memory card for your gaming library – and that it can even speed up Switch game load times compared to running from a cartridge. Fortunately, thanks to some nifty Black Friday deals out there, it is easier than ever to upgrade your storage without breaking the bank.

For Switch users, a good place to start is the SanDisk Ultra 400GB. This Class 10 Micro SD features up to 120MB/s read speeds and is perfect for the Switch, offering noticeably more space than a 256GB card while costing less per gigabyte than a 512GB card. You can now grab this for just £32.99 from Amazon or from the Western Digital website. That’s a stiff reduction from the usual price of £49.99, and works out to just 8p per gigabyte. It’s even cheaper than some similarly-specced 256GB Micro SD cards!

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