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Far Cry 6 tech review: it looks good and runs well – but needs extra polish

The venerable Dunia engine returns once again for the sixth mainline entry in the Far Cry franchise – and there’s a certain sense of a series returning to its roots. Firstly, the latest open world evokes the more lush, jungle terrain of earlier games, while there’s also the return of technologies like fire propagation – its omission much lamented in Far Cry 5. While gameplay hasn’t progressed significantly, there are a range of new graphics features, along with ray tracing on PC and a focus on 60 frames per second on the latest generation of consoles – but also the sense that the game requires further polish to make it everything it can be.

Perhaps this is the Dunia Engine’s last stand, but there’s no doubt that Far Cry 6 is still a handsome game and some of the new additions to the engine are striking. For example, the skies are considerably more impressive than prior games thanks to the inclusion of a ray-marched volumetric cloud rendering system. Similar technologies have been seen in Horizon Zero Dawn and Microsoft Flight Simulator to name just two, but the clouds do look good in Far Cry 6, particularly in how they interact with lighting, especially during sunset. There are limitations though, with their low resolution breaking down into noise with fast movement at 60fps.

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