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Exo One review – not quite out-of-this-world enough

It’s lonely here. Bleak, even. Occasionally, a silky, melancholic soundscape will keep you company, but mostly it’s just you, your peculiar spacecraft, and the sound of the air as it whizzes past your ears.

Though, at times, it looks very much like the kind of UFO pulp fiction has taught us about (if the image of an aerodynamic disc that zips speedily and silently across the sky just popped into your head, that’s exactly what I mean) you might be surprised to learn that your ship is unable to retain this iconic shape for long; the momentum you build will rapidly deplete once you’re in the air. Its default form, then, is a spherical mass, a solid ball that bumps and rolls across the terrain, building momentum across the peaks and valleys of the landscape until you can launch yourself back up into the air and glide once more.

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