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Enigmite’s Prophecy is an upcoming match-3 RPG that’s now open for pre-orders on iOS and Android

Enigmite’s Prophecy, Century Games’ upcoming match-3 RPG title, has recently launched its pre-test version in select regions. The anime-themed mobile game lets players experience a combination of genres plus tons of puzzles to challenge their brain cells across the land of Promethea.

In Enigmite’s Prophecy, players embark on a journey with Wisla on her quest to save her sister from a magical enchantment that’s plaguing the land. You’ll journey to the “Fountain of Life” and meet a host of colourful characters along the way – dangerous monsters and mysterious foes included. In particular, you’ll stumble upon a Mysterious Girl who divulges the secrets of the Ancient Elves to you, offering you the opportunity to change the course of Promethea’s history. … [MORE]



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