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Doki Doki Ragnarok is a dating sim where you flirt with and date villages, coming to iOS on June 1st

If you’re thinking this is just another dating sim on mobile, think again – Doki Doki Ragnarok is a Viking-themed visual novel where you’ll have to pillage villages in order to date them. Yes, Viking raids can be similar to going out on a date, after all – because wouldn’t you need to understand your potential village partner’s needs and woo them in order to succeed?

In Doki Doki Ragnarok, players can expect lots of hilarity as they try their hardest to flirt, date and burn down villages to achieve epic conquests. It’s such an absurd concept that it might just work, because when you’re trying to date villages across Europe in the midst of dating apps, weird achievements and even Odin himself, what can go wrong? … [MORE]



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