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Auto Chess adds new chess piece and welcomes new season in latest update

Drodo and Dragonest Co. Ltd have announced a new update to Auto Chess, the free-to-play competitive multiplayer online strategy game on mobile. The Version 2.8.2 update lets players enjoy a brand new chess piece Dualplot, as well as a new season and other QOL improvements in the game.

In Auto Chess, players can now experience Legendary Pandaman race Dualplot as a new chess piece. The Martialist Class piece possesses the Candle Shades skill, which provides a passive effect where Dualplot can get a stack of Chi with every skill cast by an ally Pandaman unit. As for the skill’s active effect, it can unleash devastating 100/150/200 magical damage to foes, as well as create a shield that absorbs 200/300/400 physical damage. As Chi accumulates, Dualplot also deals more damage. … [MORE]



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