Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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AlchiMerge is now open for pre-orders ahead of the merge game’s release this summer

PocApp Studios has officially opened pre-orders for its merge game AlchiMerge on mobile ahead of the title’s release this summer. Players can expect to unleash their creativity by Crafting and Selling, as well as by Decorating their own Alchemy Shop in the universe of Castle Cats & Dungeon Dogs.

AlchiMerge features a colourful world called Anima for players to explore, as they discover the Vortex Isles on their way to becoming successful entrepreneurs. They’ll have to use their wits and cunning to build their own Aclhemy Shop, as well as customise their own Shop Owner with plenty of cosmetics they can use to spruce up their avatar. Choices include Human, Catanian (Cat) or Lupinian (Dog), while items that can be crafted include Potions, Spells and ancient Trinkets. … [MORE]



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