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After The Game Boy-Like GameShell, Clockwork Pi’s Next Trick Is A Computer You Build Yourself

1983 called, and it wants its consumer tech back.

Remember the Clockwork Pi GameShell? We covered this open source DIY handheld in 2018, mainly because it resembled a Game Boy and could run MAME, Game Boy Advance and NES titles. It raised $290,429 on Kickstarter and we really enjoyed tinkering around with it – so the news that Clockwork Pi was releasing another, similar product came as music to our ears.

Even so, we perhaps weren’t prepared for what actually turned up in the post; the DevTerm clearly isn’t trying to replicate a Nintendo-made portable or any other handheld games console for that matter; this ‘retrofuturistic’ design is inspired by the TRS-80 Model 100 from 1983, and boasts dimensions of around 209×159mm (that’s not including the Game Boy Printer-like 58mm 200 DPI thermal printer module on the back – yes, it has one of those). It has a full QWERTY keyboard, D-pad, trackball and ultra-wide 6.8″ IPS 1280×480 pixel display, with an aspect ratio of 16:6.

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