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5 reasons why The Lord of the Rings is still the most exciting fantasy franchise for gamers

More than 60 years after its original publication, JRR Tolkien’s magnum opus – The Lord Of The Rings trilogy – remains the blueprint against which every subsequent story of good battling evil is judged. The author constructed a living, breathing world of remarkable complexity, where every race, character and location has its own backstory. And while many thought it was impossible to capture the magic of the books on screen, Peter Jackson achieved it in spectacular style with his Oscar-winning movie trilogy.

Twenty years after the release of Peter Jackson’s first installment in the trilogy, game developers are continuing to adapt the director’s vision of The Lord of the Rings universe for PC, console, and mobile, with the latter platform recently receiving arguably its most impressive title to date: The Lord Of The Rings: Rise To War. … [MORE]



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